Information about PEKI dictionary

This explanation is based on a English-Czech dictionary database.






There is possible to run PEKI dictionary program on some operating system type of Windows, Linux, MacOS, OS/2, Solaris and more, which have got installed a Java Runtime Environment (JRE) type of "all languages, including English" version 1.4 or newer. The JRE can be free downloaded from:

More informations about an installation are described in document read-me.htm. If you have got a first running, then you will can verify some parameters for creating a binary database(s) in a special form. A more informations are described in special chapter Data Import.





I am recommending to use a characters from next table for description of pronunciation. Attribute Hexa contains a hexadecimal number of a character set called Unicode.

Byte Hexa Description Sample
0105 width "e" apple
0119 voiceless vowel around
0144 nasal consonant bank
0111 voiced phone "th" they
0 0030 voiceless phone "th" width



The application is freeware, it means that you can use it for private and commercial purpose without any charges. It is forbidden to decompile the application or to anywise modify. The author is not responsible for any damages related with using the application. A vocabulary source has got his own licence and an enclosed pronunciation has got his own licence too.



If the program does not find some database, then the one shows to user a form for specification of data source for creating a new database. You may to write at least a name of text dictionary source file, the column languages and code page of data source.
An each row of data source will be a one row in the database. The row have got a next data format:


There is an explanation of expressions in the next table:

<English> The English expression. The item is formatted by CSS style c1 in a detail mode.
<Pronunciation> There is recommended to enclose a pronunciation into square brackets [...] . If the all pronunciations will be empty, the table column Pronunciation will be hidden. The item is formatted by CSS style c2 in a detail mode.
<Czech> A Czech translation. If the all items will be empty, the table column will be hidden. The item is formatted by CSS style c3 in a detail mode.
<Detail-?> The expression can contains practically unlimited count of detailed description items. The length of one item is practically unlimited too. The text can contains a tags of HTML language. The items are not mandatory. The item is formatted by CSS style c3 in a detail mode.
<TAB> Tabulator is intended for a separating of text items. There is possible to change a separator to any kind of character string - in form for data import.
<LF> Character Line Feed is intended for new record set of dictionary. The application recognizes a new line declared by <CR><LF> too (a Windows convention).

A header of source text file can contain a comment. There are respected all rows starting by character # like header comment. The comment is finished by the first row, which does not begins with this character. The comment you can see in an information window About database ... opened from menu of the application.




A basic name of the application - PEKI is compounded from some characters of my son forenames - Petr Kamil. He was born in the same year as the first version of this program was created :-).


The document was written 2004/10/30 by author: Pavel Ponec,
Translation: Pavel Ponec