PPSee - the album creator

Date: 2005, January
Author: Pavel Ponec
PPSee is a software for creating picture galleries of photos
taken by the digital camera, scanner etc. It also makes possible
to view pictures. The created photo album can be used on your
computer, however it is designed mainly for display on the internet.


Main screen - the file list

The main screen is composed of three panels, whose size can be changed or it is possible to hide the panel completely (by clicking the mouse on the small black arrow located between the panels).

Picture previews

The screen shows previews of supported pictures. This preview does not contain directories.

Image Text Attribute Dialog

The maintenance of text informations on picture(s). You can adjust the common informations for the whole photoalbum- in the same window.

Template Selection

Templates can be saved - together with other parameters - for later use; users can share the saved templates with no limits. Only registered users can work with user templates.

Album Settings - Thumbnails

A parameter settings of the Index image page.

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